Event Registration & Participation Policy

Purpose: This Competition Registration & Participation Policy (“this Policy”) entitles the visitor/user (“you”, “your”, “participant”) on www.pushindiapush.com (“the Website”) to register for the Competition as defined in this Policy. The Website is providing Platform Services as defined in the General T&C to enable access for the user to register and participate in the Competition.

Competition: All reference to “Competition” in this policy is in specific reference to the PushIndiaPush Challenge (“Challenge”) which is being organised by the Rural Development Kendra (“the Trust”) for fitness enthusiasts in India. In the form of this Challenge, we intend to revolutionize the whole meaning of Push Ups as a conventional exercise – by way of giving the Participants an innovative way to engage, compete, and earn enormous cash prizes. This Push Up challenge is meant to help push our Indian folks leap one step forward towards restoring and building better health, greater physical capacity, and stamina to endure the tougher times of life with ultimate ease. We believe that fitness is not just about exercise, but also about community, engagement, and the element of competitiveness; with this in mind, we have contemplated this flagship challenge so as to provide resources and outlet to the fitness enthusiasts in this space. With no sponsorships or brand endorsement, this Competition is a full-fledged effort to take forward the social initiative of Late Shri Rajendra Somani with the objective of encouraging Indian Men as well as Women towards holistic fitness – to surge a creative and unfathomable wave of fitness awareness amongst the Indian masses.

The following are a few details about the Competition:

  • Location: Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411045
  • Dates: 15th April 2023 to 19th April 2023
  • Online Registrations Start Date: 18 February 2023
  • Online Registrations End Date: on completion of 10,000 entries or last date of event whichever is earlier
  • Category: 18 years and above [Both Men & Women]
  • Prizes: INR 1.14 Crores in Total *as demonstrated pursuant to Clause 10 hereunder subject to Taxes as applicable
  • Registration Fees: Free of Cost


The Participant confirms that they are an Indian Citizen of at least 18 years of age and declares that they are physically and mentally competent to take part in this highly competitive Competition. The Participant shall obtain and carry Doctors Certificate or provide self-declaration of their age, proper health to participate in the Competition. The Challenge shall be conducted separately for Men and Women categories with different criteria as further enunciated upon in this Policy.


For Registration of the Competition, you are required to provide the requisite personal details as required in the Registration Form and as explained in detail in our Privacy Policy. No registration fees or charge is required to be paid in order to successfully register for the Competition. Registration and Participation in the Competition in entirely free of cost. The Registration for the Competition shall be deemed to completed once we see the relevant form entry in our records.

Cut-off Date: The deadline for registration is open for 10,000 successful registrations only on first come first served basis.

First cum First Serve: Maximum 10,000 Participants are allowed to participate in the Competition. In case, the Participants reach the Venue late i.e. after the reported time as communicated through the Welcome Communication, the right to admission and participate the Competition shall stand cancelled.


Payment of fees shall not entitle the Participant to participate in the Competition. The right to admission to participate in the Competition shall be restricted in case the Participant does not meet eligibility criteria as described herein or self-declaration found to be incorrect or does not follow the rules mentioned herein or does not follow the Venue Rules or is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other similar substance or misbehaves, abuses or create nuisance in public area or in Venue. No refund shall be provided in this case. You may not be allowed to participate if any of the rules /Protocols as required and mandated are violated by you.


Competition Format and Push-ups rules have to be followed as published on the Website under Competition section. There shall be separate competitions for Men and Women Categories with equal prizes for the winners and varying minimum standards to determine the respective awards in the relevant category. You must take due note that the Competition format are subject to change at our sole discretion and the same may be updated on the Website from time to time.

In case of any dispute during the Competition, decision taken by the Jury Member and/or Moderator shall be final and binding on the Participants.


  • We shall arrange “Moderators” for each Participants competing in a particular Round of the Challenge
  • The Venue as hyperlinked above which has been arranged by us has requisite facility for such an Competition, wherein required provisions for waiting area, recovery facility and medical facility to cater to any potential injuries shall be available
  • Moreover, to motivate and cheer the Participants a positive competitive environment, shall be arranged. There will be a viewing gallery with a capacity of about 2000 people, which shall be utilised for the purpose of providing a proper space for the Participants’ friends and family to watch them compete and cheer for them
  • After the Registration Process completes and we have all the consolidated data as required by us, proper slots, with the relevant groups, dates and time slots shall be organised, displayed and informed to the Participants so as to avoid waiting and crowding at the venue. The time slots shall be provided on the Venue itself at the date of the particular Round
  • To ensure fair play and adjudicate on any Rule violation of the exercise (Push Up), 2/3 Judges shall be present during the Competition
  • The Leader Board for the Rounds shall be broadcasted at the venue as well on the Website. The performance of the Participants may also be uploaded on YouTube, and the Final Round may be entirely telecasted live for the audience, subject to requisite approval, if any


As a participant in the Competition, you declare that you are physically and mentally fit to participate in this Competition. You understand that this Competition requires physical exertion and may be physically and mentally demanding. You acknowledge that you are participating in this Competition voluntarily and at your own risk. The Participant must obtain a Doctor Certificate and carry it at all times during the Competition as a proof for the required fitness to participate. In case Doctor Certificate is not produced at the time of desk registration, then a self-declaration shall be provided by the Participant of its health condition. Should you refuse to provide the self-declaration, if required, your right for participation shall stand cancelled and no refund of fees shall be made.


You understand and confirm that the organizers of the Competition cannot be held responsible for any injury or harm of any nature that may occur during the Competition. You agree to assume all risks associated with participating in this Competition, including but not limited to the risks of physical injury and harm of any nature. In addition, the organiser shall not be liable for any theft or cancellation of the Competition, or denial of right to participate in the Competition for any other reason whatsoever. It is your responsibility to follow COVID-19 Protocols as issued by the Government of India as well as Local Authorities and Maharshtra State Government from time to time.


  • The registration for the Competition only entitles the Participant to access the area of the Stadium, which shall be reserved for the conduction of this Competition. We reserve the right to search / frisk Participant (including his/her bags, clothes or other possessions) at any time for security reasons including prior to entry (or any permitted re-entry) to the Stadium. Should the Participant refuse to be searched, we reserve the right to refuse admission or eject him/her from the Stadium without any refund of Registration Fee
  • Bottles, lighters, tins or cans, musical instruments, flammable, toxic, illegal or hazardous substances, metal containers, firecrackers, fireworks, weapons, motorcycle helmets, bags or any other article (determined at the discretion of the Organiser) which might endanger or unduly annoy any other person are not allowed inside the Stadium
  • No smoking, consumption of Alcohol, or any illegal substances is allowed within the Stadium
  • No betting or aiding betting in any form is allowed during the course of the Competition at the venue or otherwise
  • The Participant must comply with any reasonable instruction from an officer or security officer at the venue


1st 25,00,000 + Trophy 25,00,000 + Trophy
2nd 15,00,000 + Trophy 15,00,000 + Trophy
3rd 10,00,000 + Trophy 10,00,000 + Trophy
4th 1,25,000 1,25,000
5th 1,20,000 1,20,000
6th 1,10,000 1,10,000
7th 1,00,000 1,00,000
8th 90,000 90,000
9th 80,000 80,000
10th 75,000 75,000

(In case of tie-up in any position, the Prize Money declared hereinabove, shall be distributed equally. For ex., In case 2 winners are declared in Position 2, both the winner shall get Prize Money as Rs. 7,50,000 + Rs. 7,50,000)

As a participant in this Competition, you declare that you are aware of and understand the dangers of prohibited substances as contained in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s List of Prohibited Substances (2023 Edition) and the importance of maintaining a fair and clean sport. You understand that the use of any of the prohibited substances can result in serious health consequences. You further understand that such use would tantamount to a breach of the rules of the Competition and may result in disqualification, suspension, or other disciplinary action in accordance with the applicable law. You hereby agree to abide by the principles of fair play and declare that you have not used, and will not use, any prohibited substance or method, or adopt any other means to get an unfair sporting advantage in the Competition.

In addition to these terms and conditions as stipulated above, entry at the Competition shall be subject to any Venue regulations specific to the Venue. Further, the Participant expressly acknowledges that entry to the Venue shall be subject to your compliance with such health and safety directions and regulations as may be issued by the Organiser herein, Stadium authorities and/or the applicable local governmental and health authorities.

If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be void or unenforceable by reason of any applicable law, it shall be deleted and the remaining provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect and, if necessary, be so amended as shall be necessary to give effect to the spirit of these terms and conditions so far as possible.

We reserve the right, without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone and/or if necessary, to eject anyone from the Stadium after they have entered the Stadium in each case if they are found to be in breach of this Policy.

In order to guarantee your participation in the Competition, you are required to carefully read all terms and conditions as stipulated hereunder, give your unequivocal acceptance to the same, and complete the registration form as provided on the Website. In addition to compliance with the Website T&C, the Privacy Policy, the Content & Image Protection Policy, you are at all times bound by the terms contained in this Policy for the purposes of use of this Website, registration for the Competition, participation in the Competition, and other related activities.