Push Up Challenge

The Push India Push Challenge is a first of its kind unconventional and pioneering initiative at this scale to push up the health of Indian men and women to another level of strength and fitness. This Push-Up challenge is for our fellow Indians to take a step forward towards restoring and building better health, greater physical capacity and stamina to endure the tougher times of life with ultimate ease. It is an initiative to unite the nation through sports, fitness and wellness.

This Push Up challenge is here to revolutionize the whole meaning of Push-Ups as an exercise and awaken the health and fitness space with new adventure, innovation, and thrill, that are sure to add real value to one’s body and life! We’re excited to bring this Push-Up challenge here and push India towards setting new benchmarks of evaluating one’s health and vigour and taking Push-Ups to the next level of perception and acceptance it deserves, from being a mere fitness regime to an absolute fitness essentiality for all.

Times are tough and the world is already fraught and shrinking with all the unpleasant changes and challenges happening within our environmental paradigm, concerning our overall health and wellbeing. It’s high time and we decided to take a deep dig into the cause. And here we are!

We’ve set our foot forward, heralding into a new era of fitter and healthier India with our vast and futuristic vision to empower our countrymen and women towards better lifestyle, better health and setting the grounds to help everyone experience more vitality in decades to come ahead.

With no sponsorships and zero brand endorsements, this is solely a social initiative to encourage and boost the spirit of Indian men and women towards complete fitness and to accelerate the health and physical wellbeing of each one to the next level of excitement and imagination.

This Push-Up Challenge is no ordinary push-up session that we may have experienced before, it is surging that new and unfathomable wave of absolute fitness awareness and excellence amongst the masses of India to the next level and beyond.

This first season of Push Up Challenge is expected to see phenomenal participation and equal opportunity for both Men and Women from across 29 States of India, and intensely exciting rounds with some awesome rewards for the winners.